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Missouri Labor Laws Breaks

Missouri Labor Laws Breaks

What Are the Missouri Labor Laws for Breaks?

Obviously, a worker would need some kind of break, or breaks, while working! That goes for anywhere in the United States. But specifically in Missouri? Here’s the skinny on Missouri labor laws for breaks….

Understanding the Missouri Labor Laws for Breaks

Don’t be shocked, but as far as MO labor laws for breaks are concerned, there’s no legal mandate in existence in the state requiring any employer to have to provide a break, even a lunch hour upon working a full shift.

It does specifically say in Missouri labor laws for breaks, though, that the provisions suggested by common employer/employee practice be left under the jurisdiction of the employer and also agreed upon by the employee.

In other words, when it comes to the MO labor laws for breaks, the employee must know the employer’s intention in regards to lunch breaks and breaks. From there, the employee can either accept it or not. In addition, Missouri labor laws for breaks do allow for employees to petition and address company policy and contract to allow breaks if the employer hasn’t done so already.

Again, to stipulate: under the MO labor laws for breaks, it’s completely within the discretion of the employer, but the employee may try to negotiate as much as possible and also doesn’t have to accept the job as well.

What Are the MO Labor Laws for Breaks For Workers Under the Age of 16?

Interestingly enough, it just so happens that no employer has a mandate under MO labor laws for breaks to provide any kind of breaks to employers, who are under the age of 16, at all. Not that it would matter, though, because at that age typically part-time employment is the norm.

However…. It just so happens that within the Missouri labor law for breaks, employees are required to provide breaks of all kinds to workers under the age of 16 if working in the entertainment industry. This Missouri labor law for breaks would apply to all facets of the industry: TV, movies, dance, acting, singing, etc. etc.

The specifics on the Missouri labor law for breaks include a meal break for any shift that’s more than 5 ½ hours time. In addition, under the Missouri labor law for breaks, you can expect a 15-minute break as well for each 2-hour consecutive length of work in the shift.

As with any common law of employment in regards to breaks, under Missouri labor law for breaks, the ‘meal’ break doesn’t count in the hours paid. 15-minute breaks, however, do.

Where Can I Find Out More Knowledge of Missouri Labor Laws?

Simply check with the website for more information about what you need to expect when it comes to employment.

Everything from….

1. Hiring Processes

2. Wrongful Termination

3. Minimum Wage for Employees

4. Fair and Equal Pay

5. Discrimination

6. Drug Tests

It’s all there in regards to Missouri labor laws for breaks.

Recognize, too, that a union is available to provide resources for employees to maintain those rights and make sure that no rights are violated. Consider it something like a suitable checks-and-balances system where not only are employees are held accountable for the work they do, but employers are held accountable for upholding those Missouri labor laws for breaks.

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