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Employment Guide

Employment Guide

What is Employment Guide?

Employment guide is an online resource that provides a national job-listing database for individuals looking for work. Whether you are looking for your first job, looking to change your career path or looking for a higher-paying job, employment guide will attempt to lead you in the right direction. Employment guide, in addition to listing job openings in your area, publishes over 75 free employment publications (magazines and newspapers) nationwide.

Employment guide was started in 1995; since its inception the web service has provided a combination of job search options and hiring solutions for employment opportunities across a number of industries nationwide. Although employment guide lists several jobs in their database, the company focuses primarily on hourly and skilled jobs—the site does not list any jobs beyond mid-management employment opportunities.

Applying On Employment Guide:

Employment guide (which is accessed at will organize employment opportunities by location and by industry. For instance, if you are interested in working in the transportation industry, employment guide will organize all transportation jobs in order of when they are posted. To further define your search, you may search for all transportation jobs within your geographic location.

To apply for job on employment guide, you must first register with the site. To secure a free account simply click “register”, provide your basic information (full name, Email address, address and phone number), your desired account information (username and password) and your resume (uploaded in Word format).

Once your account is set-up you may apply for any job on the site’s database. Once you have searched for appropriate or desired employment opportunities click “apply”, answer the general questions regarding your application and click “submit.” Once submitted, the application will be sent to the employer; if the employer, upon review of your application and resume, is enticed by your submission, they will contact you via Email or telephone.

Other Features:

In addition to the job database, employment guide offers a plethora of information concerning the application process and the required steps to secure employment. The site will also provide a schedule of upcoming job fairs in your area, as well as a blog to provide information (i.e. how to avoid employment scams, how to polish your resume, how to compose yourself on interviews etc.) for job seekers.

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