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What Are Garnished Wages

Garnished Wages

Wage garnishment as a legal measure can be used to assure that some individual satisfies his or her legally applicable and financial obligations based on an apparent inability and unwillingness to do so of his or her own volition. The garnishment of wages could thus be put into place for the individual involved according to a court order issued by a judge with jurisdiction over the area in which the wage garnishment is specified to take place.

Moreover, wage garnishment can be ordered in cases which are considered to merit this kind of application of legally compelling force. As such, the garnishment of wages is often associated with non-payment of previously required child support wages, such as in the aftermath of acrimonious divorces. As such, wage garnishment can be ordered in order to provide for the welfare of a child and the child’s parent or guardian. Wage garnishment might also be ordered for student loans or unpaid taxes.

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